Sinha Group


We do not have any immediate openings. If you wish to be considered for openings in the near-term, you are welcome to send us your CV, providing references and indicate your time lines for starting a post-doc.


Our group is always looking for bright and talented people to join us. If what we do piques your interest, let us know. A brief email explaining your background and with an attached resume is the best way to contact us.


Illinois UGs: If you are interested in summer or semester research opportunities, please contact us with your resume over email. Typically undergraduate research positions involve working with senior graduate students in a hands-on approach that you can take for research credits.

Other domestic UGs: If you are interested in NSF-funded research internship, please contact us well in advance for summer opportunities.

International: Please note that we do NOT have funds to support summer internships and will not entertain enquiries in this matter unless you bring your own funding.